Do 3D Glasses Give You Headaches?

If they do, then you are among the majority of people.  Millions of people are uncomfortable or sick when they wear them.  Doctors suggest that as many as 1 in 4 viewers suffer.  The technology either strains the eyes or causes depth perception.  Worst case scenarios are queasiness, dizziness or headaches.  The headaches are a result of working both eyes together for a long period of time.  In normal circumstances, only one eye works at a time; the other eye rests.  Then they switch off.

This doesn’t seem to be slowing down movie makers, tv manufacturers or television channels.  Theatre owners and tv manufacturers are spending more than $1 billion upgrading.  New satellite and cable channels are carrying 3D programming and ESPN announced its 3D network will begin broadcasting 24 hours a day in February.

And while these companies actually conduct testing, they are not sharing the results.  However, Samsung warns on an Australian website that its 3D tvs can cause a number of problems.  Nintendo recommends that children ages 6 and under NOT play with the upcoming 3DS gaming system as it may affect vision development.

New technology to address these issues may be many years away.  In the meantime, pay attention to the warnings, sit as far back as possible in the theatre, OR watch it in 2D.  We managed since the introduction of the tv in the 1950′s and we can probably still manage until they come up with something safer and more comfortable.