Nevermind – the RNC is one less 2020 problem for Jacksonville

Not even a day after my last post, the president abruptly announced that he was going to cancel the Jacksonville portion of the Republican National Convention. And for once, that’s good news! With everything that has been going on in 2020, it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about. As it was, the RNC was merely inviting the increased spread of infections and increasing the odds of large-scale protests.

Unfortunately, a lot of local Jacksonville businesses are going to be left on the hook with large orders and expensive plans that won’t pan out. Hotels that had shored up staff for the influx will now be announcing around for layoffs.

There’s a business lesson there, one buried in the often forgotten realm of political economy: you have to be careful which politicians you take business and economic advice from. They might have control over most or even all of the branches of government at any given time, but if they’re using their power to lead you off a cliff, your fortune will still be doomed before election season even hits.

In Jacksonville, the political economy of DeSantis, Curry, and Trump seems to be an economic loser. Betting against their plans might just be good for your business. 2020 is barely half way over, and there’s still time to turn it around with new leadership and new vision for your business.

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